Want To Be A Better Athlete?

MindSport provides over 27,000 athletes in 80 plus countries all around the world guided meditation sessions, sport specific Yoga, and skill work within your specific sport. With sessions designed by current and former professional athletes and skill instructors that have played and trained the highest level athletes all across the world we know here at MindSport you will be a better athlete with the use of our app.


How Can MindSport Help Your Game?

I've always struggled with anxiety and stress as a high level female athlete. MindSport has sessions on that very topic, including sleep sessions at night. I love MindSport and the peace of mind it brings me when I'm on the basketball court.

Sarah C. - San Diego, CA

I'm a huge fan of MindSport and love how they bring pros on board to help with the physical trainig like Will John and the soccer series. Definitely worth the subscription!

Brandon M - Overland Park, KS

Ryan and MindSport helped me take control of my life and my career! I have learned countless skills to use both on and off the field to help me through both failures and success that I experience. Using MindSport is a great option for athletes wanting to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

Daniel - SEC Pitcher

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MindSport is accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, and PCs. With over 26,000 downloads in over 80 countries across the world MindSport is THE athlete meditation app for you!

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